Get to know Peter at our Service Desk in Vantaa, Finland

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Peter Fransson works as a Service Desk agent at InfoCare Finland. Get to know Peter and his everyday life in InfoCare.

During the summer of 2021 a client experienced a severe cyber-attack when Peter was working as a team coordinator. This cyber-attack resulted in all of the customers employees having their passwords forcefully reset, also joint accounts and service accounts had their passwords reset.

This of course caused massive volume during the first day with 814 calls as well as high demand on chat and e-mail. Once the communication of this attack had come to us, we immediately got into action by organizing the entire team into damage control.

To be able to maintain the best possible service through-out Pete was available for the customer 24/7 in case any special actions were required and helped the team with the support lines by assisting in the phone lines.

Afterwards, Pete and InfoCare received high praises from the customer as a result of being super focused on delivering the best possible service to the client.

About Peter:
Pete is from Sweden and defines himself as Swedish. But, for the last couple of years he has been living in Finland with his two children and wife. His interest is mainly within computers and coding.