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Anders is responsible for a new technology focus area within Smartboxes and click & collect solutions

Anders has been with InfoCare Sweden since 2012 and has through the years held several different positions within the company; from print/pc technician, to dispatcher/planner and various manager positions. In 2022 Anders took on a new role building up a completely new technology focus area for the company which is installation of smartboxes/click & collect solutions for retail clients all across Sweden, building up the function from scratch, recruiting the expert team and setting the foundation for this new business area.

Anders is a very much appreciated colleague and manager and a great example of the possibilities to grow, learn and develop a broad career within InfoCare.

About Anders:
Anders is born and raised in Sweden, on a farm at the countryside. Now he lives in Västerås City with his cat named Zelda. In his spare time, he likes to play online games and read books, especially about philosophy and psychology which he is very interested in. In winter you can spot him on his snowboard and in summer spending time with friends barbequing and enjoying the Swedish nature at the summer house.

“It only takes one small step to move forward in life. Honesty opens doors you would never have imagined.”