Who we are

Quality and Environment

Our role as a market leader means that we shall be a quality leader as well; with ambitious strives toward constant improvements in every aspect of quality issues, environmental considerations, and CSR matters.

ISO Certificates

InfoCare has been developing, maintaining and continuously improving business processes. We accomplish this by measuring and comparing business performance to appropriate quality standards. These ISO quality standards focus on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.

Quality – ISO 9001

You can always be sure to get the highest quality from us, not only because we have ISO 9001 quality certifications in all countries – but most of all because we never stop trying to get better. Our constant focus on improving quality leads us to:

  • Always be up-to-date and at the front edge of knowledge, all employees go through required certifications regularly
  • Carry out regular customer surveys and conduct partner and end-customer surveys made by external experts
  • Conduct in-depth partner and customer interviews to identify areas where we can improve
  • ITIL-based processes
  • Regularly and systematically identify errors and look for improvements

Environment – ISO 14001

We hold ISO 14001 environment certifications in all countries, and we work hard to reduce the inevitable environmental impact that our line of business induces.

Reduce mileages and CO2 emissions through use of effective dispatching tools, meticulous transport planning and coordination, and use remote instead of on-site services whenever it is possible.

Minimize the energy consumption in the delivery process by call coordination and instant reporting via smart phones.

Minimize our own travelling by replacing most physical meetings by video and telephone meetings, and by using online education and technical training for our employees. Constantly improve to keep up with the upgrade of environmental goals assured by ISO14001 certifications. Use approved recycling companies that comply with the InfoCare core values and CSR policies.