Specializing in handling small and large roll-out projects, equipment preparations, and scaling of businesses with experienced project managers

Project management:

We take total control of coordinating your project and plan everything from start to end making sure the whole operation runs smoothly from day one. Our project managers have extensive experience with both small and large rollout and implementation projects. We take responsibility for the entire project cycle, and will plan, organize, and follow up the project according to PRINCE2 principles. Project control is the key in running our successful projects. Our goal is that your business gets the optimal results without operational disruptions. We secure quality through all project phases and deliver according to your expectations.

Pre-configuration & Delivery:

In this phase, the hardware will be prepared by installing software, necessary updates and customer settings. The equipment is delivered either by a partner or a third party, depending on the agreement with the customer, and then follows detailed testing and piloting according to standard routines that are implemented to minimize the risk of problems and downtime.

Rollouts and installation:

Effective and coordinated deployment of equipment and solutions is a key for successful projects. Detailed planning and coordination of transportation, delivery and on-site installation is crucial to avoid unnecessary disruption and down-time for the end-customer.

Read more about projects in our customer success stories!

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