OEM Services

We are the preferred Warranty & OEM services provider for existing and new emerging technologies in the Nordics for a reason!

Yes, it's true, equipment will fail, but we are here to solve any problem. We are a brand independent service provider who repair or handle all major brands and technologies.

InfoCare is an agile service provider, up to date on new and emerging technologies and IoT. With a proven capability to deliver multi-vendor services throughout the Nordics, we are serving a wide range of technologies to the leading retailers, IT manufacturers and IT system integrators.

Our operational and environmental processes are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

InfoCare offers OEMs warranty services which drive great customer service experiences and higher lifetime value for each consumer relationship. Our skilled engineers in combination with an extensive service and logistics network covering the Nordics from more than 180 locations, enables local service delivery with high customer satisfaction.

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